Our top models







The New revolutionary, DOOH is the fastest growing format in Outdoor advertising.


As the leading Outdoor media provider, we are the only media company offering advertisers a large format, high definition,

VIVA signs multiple screens across the island of St. Maarten.


At Present our portfolio hosts 9 digital sites, with further expansions planned for 2016.





Known as VIVA signs, these sites operate 7/WEEK offering clients unmatched impact and exposure, as the most cost effective media platform.


In addition to the benefits that roadside Billboards offer, Digital Billboards have the following advantages:


Attention grabbing

The digital format enables incredible visibility and Creativity that will get your business noticed day and night.


Immediacy of posting

Changes can be almost instantaneous, meaning that adjustments to messages and ad programs can be done in less than 24hrs


Our formats

VIVA signs screens can play Static file: Jpeg, flash files : GIF and Media Files : mp4,  mov,  avi


Tips For creative content .

• Product Identification: Your message/product should be clearly defined


• Short Copy: Short and to the point


• Legible Type: Must be legible from a distance and while the reader is moving


• Images: Must be big enough to capture attention & convey meaning


• Bold Colors: Your design should stand out from surroundings


• Innovative/Creative/Humorous: The message will be more effective if it is memorable


• Less is more: Overall your message should contain 7 words or less (including logos, websites & contact info)


• Extensions: Provide additional impact to your design & increase retention